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Mission Statement

I used to love making mixed tapes. It took hours to get the volume right, the segue perfect and have the tunes tell a story. It was the most intimate way to share thoughts and emotions with friends. It’s a fact no mixed tapes were ever shared with people you didn’t care about. With the impending death of the CD I’m up a creek. Sharing a playlist just doesn’t cut it.

The so-called death of physical media makes me miss going to record stores just to browse and converse with my fellow hunters. Record stores provided a social glue between friends and strangers who might soon be friends. We recognize there is a hole there and Rock Stamberg and I want to fill it for an hour or so on a regular basis.

I have interviewed hundreds of musicians for various magazines and Rock is also a magazine editor and a major music enthusiast. Together we are stocked with backroom stories about musicians and endless tunes that most people have heard about — or not — but may have never heard. In each episode of NHT we’ll wander into our own little record store, chat about music, and make you a mixed tape that will hopefully get you to where you’re going. Everyone’s invited.

And that’s what we’re talking about.

— John Stix

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Now Hear This: Episode 4

Episode 4 Tracklist: UNKNOWN CLASSICAL ARTISTS/PETE TOWNSHEND: Classical Intro/”A Little Is Enough” LITTLE FEAT: “Hi Roller” QUEEN: “Killer Queen” (acapella) ALICE COOPER: “Never Been Sold Before” FACES: “Maybe I’m Amazed” MICHAEL HEDGES: “She Drives Me Crazy” PAUL SIMON: “Armistice Day” STING: “An Englishman in New York” (Timothy White Session) RY COODER: “The Very Thing That […]

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Now Hear This: Episode 3

Episode 3 Tracklist: THE BEATLES et al.: “Help!” JETHRO TULL: “Nothing Is Easy” ALLMAN & WOMAN: “In For The Night” YES/SANTANA: “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”/”Oye Como Va” ALICE COOPER: “Hard Hearted Alice” CSNY: “Everybody I Love You” JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE: “May This Be Love” ELTON JOHN: “We All Fall In Love Sometimes” RED HOT […]

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Now Hear This: Episode 2

Song Notes

“Why Do Fools Fall In Love” (Joni Mitchell/The Happening/Spike Jones)

Once again, it’s me using my vintage Nakamichi 500 cassette deck back in the day. I would input two different sources into the deck and mix them live on the fly. The Happenings were kind of a joke band, perhaps influenced by Spike Lee. Joni Mitchell was just all smiles, touring around with Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Michael Brecker and Don Alias. It was probably one of the acclaimed jazz musicians’ better paydays and everyone involved was having fun. — John Stix

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Now Hear This: Episode 1

Song Notes:

“Something’s Coming” (WEST SIDE STORY/Todd Rundgren):

Sometime in the late ’60s I purchased a Nakamichi 500 Cassette Deck. That, along with my Dual 1219 Turntable was the pride of my stereo setup. My favorite function on the deck was the pause button. It was automatic. There was not a moment of hesitation, so if there was a break in a song I could pause the tape and whenever I let it go, it would be a flawless segue into the next song. It was magic. In this case I started with the soundtrack to West Side Story and “Something’s Coming” and segued into Todd Rundgren’s version of the same song. Magic! There was a difference in the key that Todd played in, but the Dual had a knob that let you dial in the speed and there you have it.

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